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Japanese Meridian Therapy

Classical Chinese Medicine



origins are ancient.  Thousands of years ago, people lived according to the rhythms of nature. Waking with the rising sun, sleeping during the dark hours, watching the sky change and the weather shift. Understanding the seasons and how to prepare for them. Medicine people could "see" how the meridians flow in the body and connect to the energy of plants as medicine.  Our nervous systems were coherent and we used fight or flight chemicals when we were literally fighting or fleeing for our lives.


As humans have evolved over millennia, we now find ourselves navigating a very busy world.  The chemicals of stress can be very difficult to turn off.  The constant news cycles, connection to smart phones and social media, 24/7 availability trigger our central nervous systems and become the proverbial tiger.  Now the systems of the body are sourcing from an incoherent signal of high beta stress hormones and we become addicted to our emotional states.  Sometimes in order to break the cycle of our limited-selves we need to be available to see our circumstances from a different perspective.

I believe acupuncture is an essential tool to settle the central nervous system so the body can concentrate on healing... acute or chronic, something it inherently knows how to do, and at the same time give the mind a chance to see life's "bigger picture."


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Japanese meridian therapy is a style of acupuncture that uses hara diagnosis (abdominal palpation) and patient feedback to develop the point prescription used in the treatment session.

Thin disposable sterile, stainless steel needles... about the thickness of a strand of hair, are used. Sessions are about an hour, the front and back of the body is treated.


Moxa is the herb artemisia argyi or mugwort. It is used during treatment to either penetrate a point (direct moxabustion), or to warm meridans and dispel cold and blood stagnation (indirect moxabustion).

Direct moxabustion burns a half-rice grain size piece of floss-like moxa directly on the skin which is protected by ointment. Indirect moxabustion is performed without the burning moxa touching the skin. 


A simple needle-free non-invasive treatment, usually for babies and children, where a variety of tools are used to activate the meridians. Sessions run between 15 minutes and half an hour.



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